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Shoe Design Services



We offer many different design services: from last design, heel design, sole design and upper design, to color and material combinations and to the so called  “refresh” on your existing lasts/shapes, creating new upper designs (we can refresh your existing collections with new ideas, colours, materials and new uppers designs).


Our final design package comes in both hand drawn format and Photoshop or Illustrator one, with all the technical specs and color and material ones.


Step 1


Example of one collection » 1st Step: The briefing
Before starting any design of a new shoe collection, we need an initial meeting or discussion with the client and a detailed briefing on the shoe project to do.

In our experience we have already designed commercial successes in the following areas.



Step 2

Example of one collection » 2nd Step: The Research
The trend research is the very important basis of the footwear design.

We visit the most important footwear and component fairs in Italy (as Micam in Milan, Lineapelle in Bologna) and in Europe (as GDS in Duesseldorf). We go around and take pictures of the most interesting shop windows (Milan, Duesseldorf, Berlin, Rome, Florence, etc.).

After this important period of research, we make "collages" of the most important shoes published on magazines and we surf on the web too to find out the very brand new concepts for uppers and last design. Here you see some pictures taken in Rome: these pictures are the base for my example of shoe collection, shown here down below.

Step 3


Example of one collection » the 3rd Step: Last and Heel Design
This step comes after the research one.

On the base of the above pictures taken in consideration, I have created a new structure (last and heel). On this structure, I will create upper designs as you can see in the following sketches. Generally, a shoe line is made of 5/10 upper sketches, on one new structure.

footweardesigner footweardesigner

A new last design: a "banana" style toe, with a big and solid high heel

Here there is the definition of the so called "structure" (last/shape and heel) of the footwear line; on this base we create the different concepts of the collection.


Step 4

Example of one collection » the 4th Step: The Upper Design
The final step of creating a shoe line is the upper design. On the above structure I have created two examples of upper design.

Here, in this example of a collection, you see only two sketches of two upper models with their color version.

footweardesigner footweardesigner

This is one upper designed on the structure. A black and white sketch.

The model has a series of decorative stitchings and a strap with a stud on the vamp.

This one is a new upper design on the same structure. The shoe line is being created.

The upper has a series of cuttings on the side that become decoration as the stitchings.

footweardesigner footweardesigner
Here the same upper design is colored.

The color used in this version is dark brown with a brushed effect, the lining color should be in contrast like purple.
Here is the colored version of the second upper design.

The color version of this vamp is a dark brown the leather should be kidskin and the model should have a brushed finishing. The color of the bow is in contrast and the stitchings are decorative.

Step 5

Example of one collection » the 5th Step: Last  Making
Here there are some examples of past lasts especially made for some of our customers.

Click on the picture for big image



Example of Female Sandal Last
This high heel last is for sandals, the toe is rounded.

Example of Male Last
This special last is for men, very long and pointed.

footweardesigner footweardesigner

Example of Female Shoe Last

This is an original design for an original collection. The idea came looking at the 18th century shoes.

Example of Female Shoe Last
Square last for a Ladylike and very elegant shoe.


Examples of Sketches on the Last
Here you can see some of Anna Paola Pascuzzi's old designs, directly sketched on the last. Before developing the pattern, the shoe upper is defined on a special plastic last, in order to give exact measurements to the pattern maker and to make the best shoe.

Click on the picture for big image.

footweardesigner footweardesigner

Three classical designs

Three shoe designs for a spring-summer collection


Step 6

Example of one collection » The 6th Step: Sourcing
On request, we can follow the development of the entire
shoe collection production:

  • from lasts/shapes, outsoles and heels design to their
    prototypes in the suppliers' factories, to obtain the best
    results for the collection;

  • from shoe design to prototypes and sample making, directly
    in your shoe company or by our trusted shoe factory;

  • pattern making development, made by our trusted

  • direct upper drawing on the last/shape;

  • Italian shoe manufacturers sourcing.